Serving the riding industry

For more than 20 years!


MX-TECH was founded in 1992 while Jeremy was attending college as a full time student. Jeremy turned his love of racing, talents in the field of Science and entrepreneurial spirit into a successful business while he completed his Bachelor of Science Degree.

When you look back over the years it appears that MX-Tech was destined to be a leader. Meeting every challenge with perseverance, and ingenuity that allows our company to solve problems, respond quickly and meet and exceed the needs of a diverse customer base.

MX-Tech has developed and proven its technology at the highest levels of competition. Our success has provided us the opportunity to work with OEM’s, professional race teams, the aftermarket industry and most importantly the end consumer. We know and understand our business as engineers, businessmen, and riders.

When you choose to do business with us, you’re getting the real deal. We are big enough to be capable of managing the intricacies of the complex jobs. We are experienced enough to know our industry and business inside and out with a proven 20+ year track record of positive results. We are small enough to give you service with pride and craftsmanship.

Thanks for visiting our site please look around and feel free to ask questions. We are here to help you with your suspension needs.

    Jeremy Wilkey