Old Find.

Here is a little piece I did for the old site that really interested me.  I recieved a lot of e-mails from the post. Here are the other parts I never told you about.

Simple enough. I did a test to determine what the basis of the e7’s advantage really was.  I wanted to know if it was friction or if it was simply the increase in mechanical advantage due to the designs increase in diameter of the effective piston. The only way to do was to make a gas charged Piston set-up in the e7 tank. It took a lot of engineering  to get it all functioning correctly but we pulled it off.

It was money very well spent as it proved conclusively that friction was the selling point in a case where mechanical advantage is factored out just a few times 10-12 verse 34-36.. (That’s why bladders are such a waste in shock.)

Anyway the other pieces where something I was working on at the same time. Working through the various iterations of the then “Huck Valve”.. This version was in fact what it looks like, a PDS needle / twin piston arrangement. We could never develop a enough volume and length to make this compact internal system work. I also tested a 1.5 version (Piston and Cup.) Same issues, it was at that point where the design went 100% external. I made the first parts on my rickety old Rockwell Lathe a Old-school Bridgeport Mill.  It was good times indeed, as I was rushing to get it built before my first Daughter Izzy B was due to arrive.

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  1. andrew bell says:

    Hard anodised. Clear.

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