2012 KTM 35mm WP Solution.

The WP 35mm Fork has not been meet with rave reviews, and initially we hoped that our Betty6Five cartridge would do the trick. Unfortunately due to the “big piston design” the fork does not operate well given the zero-rod displacement system. The high volume, system while capable of dealing with the air pockets does not allow for a consistent damping force in compression or rebound. This in combination with stiff over-all damping rates makes for terrible suspension for the little riders.

I set out to design a rod displacement system that will allow for a constant cartridge volume and will allow the big piston design to be relaxed. The riders will be able get a nice smooth speed sensitive fork that will retain compression and rebound adjustability. The system will replace the stock inner seal / guide case with our  speed sensitive system.

I’ll keep you posted!




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2 Responses to 2012 KTM 35mm WP Solution.

  1. Rodrigo Silva says:

    Hi Jeremy,
    Is any update for the Betty5 forks???


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